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EF-105 Thunderchief

by Eric Sklarski


Republic EF-105 Thunderchief

HyperScale is proudly supported by Squadron




This is the old 1/48 scale Monogram F-105 kit with fully rescribed panel lines.

I started this project long before Trumpeter announced its1/32 scale kit. That scale is too big for me anyway, as I have over 700 kits I have to store I cant have them too big!



I wanted a F-105 kit and the only choice is the Monogram kit. They have always had the ability to get the lines of an aircraft nearly perfectly.

The next decision was to scribe or not. Since I am a recessed panel line junkie I wanted this kit to fit right in with my Hasegawa kits.

The existing lines were "shaved" off with a curved blade. this left a "shadow" of the former line and, with a spare fuselage, formed a guide for rescribeing. I used a Squadron tool for this.... well actually two or three. when this is done I sanded the bumps on either side of the new line and cleaned them out. I also added rivets with a pounce wheel. Once this was done the kit was assembled as normal.

The wheel wells are detailed with fuse wire and solder and plastic.



The cockpit is the Black Box item.

Canopy actuator rods are brass rod. The weapons are from Hasegawa.

Decals are from Aeromaster.


So don't let the old Monogram kits in your collection gather dust. With a little extra work they can look just as good as the latest kits from Japan!


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Model, Images and Text Copyright 2003 by Eric Sklarski
Page Created 11 November, 2003
Last Updated 17 March, 2004

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