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F-101C Voodoo

1/48 Scale Monogram / C&H Aero Miniatures


F-101C Voodoo

by Markus Wuellner


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Here is my 1/48 scale F-101C Voodoo, converted from the Monogram kit using the C&H Aero Miniatures RF-101C conversion, and some extra work besides.





Building this kit was not an ordinary conversion job at all since at the time I planned it there was only the C&H RF-101C Recce-Voodoo conversion set available. I did not expect C&H to release the F-101C single seat fighter variant conversion too so I opted for converting the conversion. The McDonnell engineers simply converted the F-101A/C single seater model into a recce RF-101 by replacing the conventional radome with a lengthened camera housing. This is clearly evident when you compare drawings of both models (see sketch below).



Follow the Voodoo evolution in the opposite direction and you will get a F-101A/C.

To save the original C&H resin parts for the recce-conversion it was necessary to copy the complete C&H forward fuselage section plus all other parts using self fabricated silicon moulds and casting resin. The next step is cutting off the nose of the duplicated fuselage section exactly along the panelline in front of the canopy windshield (see attached sketch) and keep the aft part of it.

The separate nose radome (minus its IRST sensor!) from the Monogram kit will now fit exactly on the resin part. The 4 gun muzzles are scratched from plastic tubing All the remaining C&H resin parts for the recce Voodoo like exhaust nozzles, exhaust-keel, air-intakes, cockpit etc. are also applicable to the C-version with minor corrections in the cockpit.



After all preparation was done the assembly follows the "standard procedures" of resin / injection-kit-bashing with a lot of superglueing, sanding, puttying etc!

Of course it was also necessary to rescribe the Monogram parts since all the resin parts feature finely engraved panel-lines.



Painting and Markings


After assembly and before painting I applied a few layers of Gunze Mr. Surfacer 500 and 1000 to detect any surface scratches or holes. I intended to use ALCLAD II colors for my natural metal finish so I applied also a layer of TAMIYA gloss black acrylic as a basecoat.



The actual ALCLAD was applied in various shades of aluminium from matt to very shiny. Most of the markings came from my spares box.

The USAF logo and national insignias came from Superscale and all the red trim incl. the white stars were airbrushed.

Well I hope you all like my early VOODOO!



Additional Images


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Model, Images and Text Copyright 2003 by Markus Wuellner
Page Created 23 August, 2003
Last Updated 17 March, 2004

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