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Italeri's new 1/72 scale
B-26K Counter Invader

by Phil Hale


B-26K Counter Invader


Italeri's 1/72 scale B-26K Counter Invader is available from Squadron



For a detailed examination of the contents of Italeri's 1/72 scale B-26K Counter Invader kit, see the review elsewhere on HyperScale

Here is my build of Italeri's new 1/72 scale B-26K Counter Invader.

I need to start by saying that Iím not one to measure models to make sure that they are Ēspot onĒ dimension wise. To me if it looks like an Invader then it is close enough. I will try to alter shapes if they are absolutely wrong but otherwise I try to enjoy the model for what it is. I love Mustangs and Iíve never measured any Mustang kit to make sure it was perfect.

Now on to the Invader.





The kit is molded in a medium gray and clear plastic.

There are only 4 clear parts but they are beautifully clear. You would not have polish them but I did just to create a barrier between the paint and the plastic. The framework on the clear parts is slightly frosted to aid in masking. I did cut open the panel over the pilot and navigator/co pilot position. The parts were thick and this made cutting them open a little harder but I used Dyno Label maker tape to guide my cuts. This also served to protect the surrounding areas from stray cuts. Once I had scribed a deep line where I wanted to cut, I used a micro saw from Hasegawa to finish it up. I vacuum formed these panels and set them aside for later.



I added some details to the cockpit and scratched two new control columns. The kit column is nice but a bit too thick. Italeri only gives you one column and my photos show two. The right side instrument panel had to be scratch built as well. I added throttles, seat belts and buckles, and various boxes in the cockpit.

I wired and detailed the engines. Purists will notice that Italeri does not supply the correct housing for the reduction gear on the front of the engine. It should be the later smaller more rounded front instead of the bullet shape given. It is hard to see in the cowling anyway with the bid paddle blade props in the way. My propeller hubs were badly molded and I cut the blades off and replaced the hubs with ones from a 1/72nd scale Hasegawa Corsair.


Italeri allows you the options to open or close the bomb bay and I opted to close it. It does not fit well and youíll have to fill and sand here. I faired in the windscreen and the canopy over the gunnerís station. Overall the model fit well and the nose fit almost perfect. The gun holes in the nose were misshaped so I filled them in and drilled new ones. The nose guns were replaced with plastic rod. I must say that this was a little more difficult than drilling the holes in the wings for my recent Classic Airframes Bf 109D!

The engine nacelles fit very well.

I did use True Details wheels for the main gear and found the True Details nose wheel was too big the nose gear. I used the kit wheel instead. Most of the antennas were scratch built and since I have misplaced most of my reference material on the B-26 I could not verify the antenna fit. I went by the instructions in this area.


I know that the Invaders were withdrawn from combat for a while due to wing failure and they were strengthened and the had various other refits during there service life. There were at least two different types of engine cowlings used as well. You will have to collect your references to make sure of the one you are building.



Painting and Markings


The model was painted with Tamiya paints mixed to the appropriate South East Asia colors. I used an oil wash of burnt umber, black and white to highlight the panel lines. I used the kit decals and they were wonderful. I only had to use a little Solvaset setting solution around the vortex generators on the tail.


I would highly recommend this kit to the novice and the advanced modeler as well. It looks good out of the box and yet there is room for the super detailer to excel.

Dr Phil



Additional Images


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Model and Images Copyright © 2006 by Phil Hale
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