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Classic Airframes' new 1/48 scale
Canberra TT.18

by John Valo

Canberra TT.18


Classic Airframes' 1/48 scale Canberra TT.18 is available online from Squadron.com



The latest release from Classic Airframes is the TT.18 (Target Tug) Canberra variant.


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Similar to the prior B.2 release, the obvious difference in this release is the inclusion of two beautifully cast resin Rushton winches to hang under the wings.





As has been noted in previous reviews of the B.2 release, the kit is a straightforward build, just be sure to add as much noseweight as is practical. I used a combination of flat lead weights and birdshot mixed with epoxy, poured in behind the cockpit bulkhead. I wasn't able to keep track of the exact amount I used, but a quick weigh-in on the scale during the build suggested about 6 ounces (!) - and that was cutting it close.

Adding weight to the forward nacelles, and possibly along the leading edges of the wings may be a thought to pursue, as it wants to be a tail-sitter.



The suggestion in the instructions to join the forward and rear fuselage parts to make two complete fuselage halves seemed to work out quite well for me. The cockpit includes two nice ejection seats, but I left the rear one out, as there is no way you're going to see it in the end. Good place for more lead weight. Make sure you do justice to the pilot's seat, because after a dip in Future, the fishbowl canopy is crystal clear.

The balance of assembly went very well with no fit issues to mention. I will admit struggling a bit as I assembled the wings to the fuselage, as the doggone thing was so ridiculously heavy I nearly dropped it a few times.

Mercifully, the landing gear is robust enough to handle the weight without a problem. The injected gear struts and resin wheels and wells are crisply detailed.

Incidentally, on the TT.18 you will need to cut out a small square window on the starboard side of the fuselage aft of the entry door. The window can be filled with clear plastic or white glue according to your preference.



Painting and Markings


The kit features markings for two aircraft, one Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey, the other Light Aircraft Grey with Dayglo stripes on the fuselage and wings.

Both aircraft feature the spectacular Black and Yellow underside striping typical of British target tugs. I finished my Canberra with a mix of PollyScale and Accuflex acrylics. Typical for Classic Airframes, the decals are printed by Microscale and are dense and in perfect register. A full complement of stencils are included in both Yellow and Black, with appropriate variations for specific aircraft.


I built the winches completely before painting. Fit and detail are excellent. There are no specific measurements for attaching the winches provided, but a comparison to photos and drawings suggested the nose of the winch nose cap is roughly in alignment with the nose of the wing tank when viewed from the underside. I made a small change on my winches by adding a small piece of strip styrene to offset the tiny flares at the rear of the winch. I couldn't find a photo to support this, but based this decision on some reference drawings I had collected while doing the build.





Overall, this is a very nice kit, and big! The underside striping really stands out in the display case, and has been the cause for a few inquiries as to why you would camouflage an airplane, use lo-visibility roundels, then stripe the bottom!

Highly recommended.


Additional Images


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Model, Images and Text Copyright 2006 by John Valo
Page Created 20 July, 2006
Last Updated 21 February, 2007

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