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Pegaso's 54mm metal
European Knight
End of 13th Century

by Glen Phillips


European Knight, End of 13th Century


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Pegaso's 54mm European Knight is well detailed and smoothly cast in white metal.

The casually posed figure consists of seven parts plus a base.

Overall fit was excellent and clean-up was minimal using small files and sanding sticks. I first pinned and epoxied the torso/legs to the base, then primed all of the parts using Floquil's Gray Primer cut with lacquer thinner and applied with a brush. The surcoat's lower front pieces were then attached. The remaining parts were left off until after painting.

The helmet and axe blade were buffed with a motor-tool, while all other parts were painted using Andrea Acrylics. The generic nature of the figure means you can be as simple or as complicated as you like during the painting process. I tend to paint what I call the working-man's knight; I leave the figures with complicated heraldry and fabric designs to those painters with steadier hands and better eyes than I have.

Once the painting was completed, I added the remaining parts and did some minor touchups. The helmet can be tilted and turned to a degree to provide a degree of animation to the figure. Among others, you can go for a heroically-gazing-at-the-horizon pose or head-down, staring-at-nothing-while-awaiting-the-start-of-a-battle look.

I opted for the latter.


Subject 54-075 European Knight, End of 13th Century
Manufacturer Pegaso
Scale 54mm
Medium Metal
Accessories None, but the figure will readily fit a number of the small to medium sized Andrea Miniatures round and square bases.
Paint Andrea Acrylics


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