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Classic Airframes new 1/48 scale
F-5B Freedom Fighter

by Phil Hale


Northrop F-5B Freedom Fighter - USAF


Classic Airframes' 1/48 scale F-5B USAF Freedom Fighter
may be ordered online from Squadron




Classic Airframes has released the two-seater counterpart to the F-5A/C, the F-5B.

I know some of you will be asking, what is the difference between the F-5B and the T-38? Well, actually there are several differences. The air intakes are bigger and shaped differently. The speed brakes are the same as the F-5A while the T-38 speed brakes are split. On the T-38, there is a small shroud between the burner cans.



The F-5B is capable of carrying and delivering weapons, making it combat capable. T-38s are only able to carry a practice bomb dispenser.





Classic Airframes new 1/48 scale F-5B kit is as good or better than the F-5A kit as far as fit.

The only problem is the area around the windscreen. The windscreen outline does not match the indentation outline. I used white glue mixed with baby powder to fill the gap.



Classic Airframes did make a few improvements this time around. The seats have the proper headrest without the parachute container and a gun sight is provided. Also, they have added the cover behind the burner cans at the rear of the fuselage.

I built kit number 487 which has decals for two USAF machines, a 425th TFTS machine at Williams AFB and an Aggressor at Luke AFB. There is also a Canadian Aggressor in a striking Blue/Gray/Dark Gray scheme. I thought that the 425th TFTS painted silver with the Korean type yellow and black bands is the prettiest in the box.



Many thanks to Classic and Jules Bringuier for doing the F-5 series. They are excellent limited run kits and fill a void in the modern jet area. My thanks also to my good friend Walt Holmes for technical assistance.

Thanks to Classic Airframes for the sample.



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Page Created 24 June, 2004
Last Updated 23 June, 2004

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