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Czech Master Resin's 1/72 scale F9C-2 Sparrowhawk

by Piotr Dmitruk


Curtiss F9C-2 "Sparrowhawk"


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Curtiss F9C-2 "Sparrowhawk" was parasite fighter and scout plane carried by the US Navy big rigid airships "Akron" and "Macon".

The Navy ordered six production F9C-2s in 1931. After USS "Akron" crash, all were transferred to USS "Macon" based at NAS Moffett Field in California. Those fighters were often used with its landing gear replaced by an auxiliary fuel tank. In December 1933 Sparrowhawks did qualify for aircraft carriers landings. During deck trials on USS "Lexington", prominent deflectors were fitted on the wheel pants to prevent from catching arresting wires with small aircrafts wheels.



When USS "Macon" crashed in February 1935, four "Sparrowhawks" went down with her. Remaining F9C-2s were assigned to limited utility roles. The last F9C-2 (No 9056) was put on diplay in the Smitsonian Institution. It's also the sole survivor of all 158 Curtiss Navy biplanes built between 1925 and 1935.





This kit needed some work, because of mould misalignment and several pinholes, very visible on tiny aircraft.



I have added some details in cockpit, made new windscreen, telescopic sight and panels below the hook, new ventilation shutters for the engine, exhaust pipes, hook details, pitot head, venturi tube, wheel overriders, and wing compass.

The original rigging was much thicker than the antenna strut, and I made it so.

Decals were quite good, but without black pinstrip near the wing and fuselage strips. I made it with spare decals and black marker. The decals with rudder strips were totally wrong, and I realized it after painting and decaling. The only way was to mask it and paint again.



Thank ou CMR for providing this original and colorful aircraft



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