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Hobby Fan's 1/35 Scale
Fast Attack Vehicle

by Andrew Judson


Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)

images by Brett Green

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I purchased this kit a long time ago but when I opened it I thought, no way am I experienced enough to tackle this kit, so back in the wardrobe it went.

Well years later out it came and, Da Da! Here it is.



Building this kit was a lot of fun, but not without challenges. The instructions were very vague and in some areas, if followed, might have ended in disaster. I found that the model had to be built in stages, otherwise painting would be a major issue.

First the figures needed to be assembled and painted, then the drivers compartment also built and painted, followed by putting the figures in place. Next the engine and cage around it was built and painted as a separate section and glued in , now things are looking good.

The hardest part was placing the the roll cage over the figures and getting everything to line up, there was alot of warpage in this area and hot water used a lot. The last things left to do were final painting and weathering of the FAV and finally gluing the wheels on.

The base is an oval piece of craftwood purchased at a local hardware, and DAS modelling clay used to make up the terrains shape. Over this I then painted it with white glue and sprinkled on a very fine grit.



Once dry I painted it with flat earth and using more white glue, put in a couple of rocky crops and some different grades of vegetation. Over this I then very lightly sprayed it over with desert sand and buff to tone things down.

Lastly I glued the FAV into place and lightly dusted everything over with some Mig Pigments.

This was great fun to do, and I hope that you enjoy the images.



Additional Images


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Model and Text Copyright İ 2005 by Andrew Judson
Images Copyright İ 2005 by Brett Green
Page Created 15 May, 2005
Last Updated 15 May, 2005

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