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Classic Airframes new 1/48 scale
Fiat CR.42 AS

by Phil Hale

Fiat CR.42 AS


Classic Airframes' 1/48 scale Fiat CR 42 AS  is available online from Squadron



For a detailed examination of the kit contents, see Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman's in-box review here on HyperScale.

Here are three of my builds of Classic Airframes' latest release, the 1/48 scale CR.42 AS, kit no 496.

I am sure by now most of you have the various build articles concerning the Classic Airframes CR. 42.  The basic kit is the same as the fighter version with another packet of resin that contains the ground attack parts.  You have a choice of exhaust stacks, regular or the Wellington style for the German machine.  The sand filter, bombs, and bomb racks are also provided. 

The modeler is also given a choice of four decal options, three Italian machines and one German.  They are all colorful but my favorite was “white 15” in the “green lizard” scheme.



Take care in cutting the resin bomb racks from the stub as they are a little fragile.  The bombs are little gems and add to the overall appeal of the model.  The “Wellington” exhausts are molded in two pieces.  I drilled holes in the mating ends and used a small piece of brass to secure them.  This also helps in alignment of the exhaust when mounting them to the model. 



Make sure you center the fairing (part A 8) that connects to the sand filter (R20).  You’ll have to cut the part that extends to the cowling off in order to use the sand filter.  Both the sand filter and fairing sit well but test fit them to insure proper alignment.  The bomb racks fit very well and can be attached after painted and decaling however there are no locater pins or marks to aide in attaching them.  Check your references for proper placement. 

Care must also be taken in cutting the wheel pants from the landing gear struts.  One version has the total wheel fairing, one has the partial faring and then one has the exposed wheels.



The kits build up well even with the complicated strut arrangement and will make a great addition to your Classic Airframes Fighter CR.42s.

Thanks to Classic Airframes for the samples



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