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Tamiya's GMC 6x6 2 ton truck
Deuce and a Half

by Mike Grant


GMC 6x6 2 ton truck


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After months of struggling with a particular aircraft model I needed a change of pace and opted for an armour kit. I'd made a start on Tamiya's 'deuce' kit several months earlier but had set it aside to concentrate on other projects. Then a friend of mine sent me the accessory kit which was the catalyst I needed to drag it back onto the bench. Because I generally build aircraft I didn't know enough to obsess over the kit's accuracy, but I assumed being Tamiya it would be well-researched. It was certainly well-engineered, everything fit exactly where it should and lined up perfectly.


Early on I'd decided to depict it loaded up with stores, and it gradually developed into the 'souvenir hunter' idea. The Bf109 rudder was the focal point, it's from an old Revell 1/32 kit and needed a bit of re-shaping. (Before Mr Ritger and the rest of the 109 aficionados get on my case, it's not supposed to represent a specific aircraft, OK? ;-) The rest of the truck's load came from various accessory packs which you can see in the photo. Not shown is the .50cal gun from Royal Models which is a complex kit in itself with photo-etch and resin parts.

The model was painted entirely with acrylics, mostly Tamiya. I didn't trust the kit decals as the varnish looked crazed so I re-made some on the ALPS, along with various emblems for the crates, stencilling on ammo boxes, the 109 rudder markings, dashboard instruments and the gauges on the tanks. I used Vallejo acrylics to paint the scratches and scuffs. I'm not too happy with my figure painting, I'll try using oils next time as the acrylics dried too quickly making it difficult to blend the shading.


Although it's finished the model is a bit of a 'work-in'progess', I've already added a couple more items to the load since the photos were taken. Does anyone make a trailer for this kit?

New website - http://www.mikegrantdesign.com/decals



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Model, Images and Text Copyright 2004 by Mike Grant
Page Created 18 April, 2004
Last Updated 18 April, 2004

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