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1/72 scale Huma
Lippisch DM-1

by Piotr Dmitruk


Lippisch DM-1


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The Lippisch DM-1 glider was built in 1944 by a team of students of Darmstadt and Munich universities, under supervision of Dr Alexander Lippisch, to study a low speed handling of the sharply-swept delta wing rocket powered fighter P.13a. Made of steel tubing with a plywood skin, this aircraft was intended to be launched from a Siebel Si 204 and to glide back home.

The DM-1 was found by the Americans at the end of World War II, the prototype was completed in late 1945, and planned to test fly in Germany, but later was loaded fully-assembled, into a special crate, and shipped back to the USA for wind tunnel testing.



The subsequent data, with the help of Dr Lippisch (who was now working for the US government), was used in the design of the Convair XP-92A, world's first powered pure delta-wing aircraft, and then F-102 and F-106 fighters.





Huma's 1/72 scale Lippisch DM-1 is an unusual short- run kit.

Sharply moulded, highly detailed parts, no flash, delicate panel lines, only a few weak points (cockpit canopy, ailerons hinges, undercarriage). Overall dimensions are exact and parts fit is good. Cockpit interior consists of an instrument panel with dials on a decal sheet, stick, rudder pedals and pilot seat, and needs improving, although very few is visible through the canopy. I have replaced pedals with photoetched examples of standard early Luftwaffe pedals and seat with belts (in original taken from Bucker Bu-181). I also added internal tubing and trimming wheels. And don’t forget to add weight - this is a definitive tail-sitter!



Cockpit glazing needs at least dipping in Future, if not replacing. I also added bracing made from Plastruct rod. The other replaced things are: Pitot probe, made from injection needles, and scratchbuilt ailerons hinges.

Wheels are moulded together with undercarriage legs, lack any details, but they are so tiny, that I decided to leave them, as they are, only added metal rods to keep the undercarriage doors open.



Painting and Markings


I wanted to simulate natural wood, so I painted the entire model with a suitable beige color, then masking separate panels, I’ve tried to render wood grain using light brown, dark brown, and flesh colored dry pastel chalk.



Then the entire model was painted with paintbrush (it improves effect), using old oil varnish (old Revell paint), because of yellowing, not observed with acrylic paints. There are black crosses on the decal sheet, but there wasn’t any on original aircraft.




Huma's 1/72 scale Lippisch was an easy built of an unusual aircraft.

The best reference is H.P. Dabrowski book from “Waffen Arsenal” series.



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