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Geo Metric's 1/6 scale
"Clash of the Titans" Medusa

by Chris Wauchop


"Clash of the Titans" Medusa

images by Brett Green

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Research and Detailing


Based on Ray Harryhausen's stop-motion model, this beautiful replica sculpted by Katsuto Urano is somewhat more refined than the original. In particular, the facial detail and the minute detail of the snakes is spectacular. This large-scale vinyl kit was produced by Geo Metrics.

To do justice to this fine sculpting I purchased a beautiful, but rather expensive, reference book on venemous snakes, several of which now reside in my Gorgon's hair. These include a couple of Aussie Black Snakes, one being the Red Bellied variety. I added some fangs and forked tongues using very fine wire.



Additional details included included hair (on my Gorgon's head and armpits!) from nylon wool, bow string using rigging twine from Revell's S-Boat kit, quiver buckles from brass wire and the quiver strap from lead foil.

The sculptor does seem to have miscalculated the length of draw on the bow string but there wasn't much I could do about that without major resculpting, which I was not about to tackle.





The Gorgon was painted exclusively with Tamiya acrylics applied over a light base spray coat of Gunze-Sangyo Mr Surfacer 1200 straight from the can.

The Tamiya paints were sprayed using my Testor Aztek A470 airbrush.

The upper body was airbrushed with Tamiya XF-55 Deck Tan and, when dry, a combination of Tamiya Clear Red, Yellow, Green and Blue was mixed very thinly with water and applied as a brush wash over the base colour. This worked as well as any oil wash that I have used in the past.



The wash colour was then used to shade areas around folds, veins etc, this time applied with the Aztek airbrush.

Eyes, lips and teeth were painted using a 10/0 brush. The lower body (tail) was given a coat of XF-59 Desert Yellow, lightened by about 50% with XF-2 Flat White.



Each scale was then carefully and individually airbrushed with a mix of XF-62 Olive Drab and XF-64 Red Brown (in around equal proportions, but a bit more green than brown), and the belly was shaded with the airbrush using the same colour.

All woodwork - bow, and arrow shafts - was painted XF-59.



Additional Images


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Model and Text Copyright 2006 by Chris Wauchop
Images Copyright 2006 by Brett Green
Page Created 18 July, 2006
Last Updated 19 July, 2006

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