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Monogram's 1/48 Scale
Mil Mi-24 Hind

by Chip Jean


Mil Mi-24 Hind


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This is Monogram's 1/48th scale Mi-24 Hind with the Cobra cockpit, a Cobra weapons set and finished in Bulgarian markings from the Linden Hill's "Bush War Hinds, Collection 1" decal sheet. Other than the resin goodies and aftermarket decals, the only additional work done to the kit was to rescribe the raised panel lines. This kit has been around for years, so no review of it is really necessary.


The Cobra cockpit is a real beauty with excellent detail and a nearly perfect fit. The weapons set is another gem. You get four UB-20-80 rocket pods, four AT-6 ATM launchers and four pylons with intricate detail molded into the bottom for use with the rocket pods. That detail on the bottom of the pylons came in
handy since I could only fit one rocket pod on each wing.

The Linden Hill decals are some of the best I've ever seen. Perfect registration, very colorful, and easy to work with. You get options for 15 different aircraft along with a 12 page, color, instruction booklet.

I couldn't find any color photos of a Bulgarian Hind, so I matched colors as close as I could from the color drawing in the Linden Hill instruction booklet. I settled on FS16473 ADC Gray for the bottom and RLM 02, RLM 83, and Japanese Army green for the top. Is it accurate? Probably not! Do I care? Nope, I got the look I wanted.


Finally, thanks to Hyperscalers Bob Binder & Don Edbing who both came through with replacement canopies when I FUBARed mine. I won't say whose I used, but thanks to both of those gentlemen.



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Model, Images and Text Copyright 2005 by Chip Jean
Page Created 20 April, 2005
Last Updated 20 April, 2005

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