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Trumpeter's 1/32 scale

by Roland Sachsenhofer




Trumpeter's 1/32 scale MiG-3 is available online from Squadron.com




The 1/32 scale Mig-3 from Trumpeter is a very pleasant and elaborate kit.

Fit and general design of the parts are quite satisfying; the amount of details – particularly I think of the cockpit area - is adequate to a contemporary model in that large scale. Hence the only things I changed or added were seatbelts from Eduard, brake lines made from copper wire and injection needles as machinegun muzzles. I also flattened the tires to get that certain “weighted look”.



The only parts where further treatment was necessary were the inside of the gear fairings; here great ridges spoiled the form- but that was no great challenge to correct.


Painting and Markings

The Mig-3 was completed as one of two variants offered in the kit: the example, dominated by the colours red and white, served with the 122 IAP in Vnukovo in February 1942. This machine is quite well documented (e.g. take a look at http://mig3.sovietwarplanes.com/mig3/mig3.html ) most of the pictures seem to show a nearly new and shiny aircraft. My special interest was to give a used and draggled appearance. For that, I sprayed a layer of XF-16 Aluminum /Tamiya to those parts which were made of metal. After drying, layers of white (Tamiya XF-2 und Gunze H21) were applied which were then partially ripped of by adhesive tape. That was my first experiences with that technique and I have to say itt works!


The blue colour of the underside was mixed with RLM 65 (Gunze H67) und blue (Gunze H45). After applying the decals, which was prepared by a layer of gloss clear, I accented certain parts with a diluted mixture of redbrown (Gunze H47), Tamiya smoke and mat black (Gunze H12). I worked with aquarelle colours for highlighting the panel lines and give a sparse effect of dirt and oil streaks. I prefer water colours because they stay liquid for a long time, snuggle into the deepenings and –last but not least- excess colour can be easily whipped away.

With a coating of mixed gloss and flat clear the surface was finished.

Remarks will be appreciated: ro.sachsenhofer@asn-linz.ac.at

Happy modelling!



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