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Republic of Newfoundland and Labrador
Model 737 Surveiller

by Bob Aikens


Model 737 Surveiller
COSD, Republic of Newfoundland and Labrador, 2009

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This model was made up to represent one of 3 Model 737 Surveillers purchased by COSD (Coastal & Offshore Security Division) of the Republic of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2009-2010.



They are superficially similar to the Indonesian Surveillers but are equipped with a new generation of avionics, surveillance and power plant upgrades. These were furnished by such firms as BAe-Aerospatiale, IAF Industries and AeroSpace South Africa- all at the ready to assist a fledgling, but clearly democratic new country.



The Model


The kit is the 1/100 scale 737-200 by Maquettes M&B (Canada 1982). It may be a knockoff of an earlier 737 and in overall style and simplicity it resembles the early Matchbox kits. An appeal goes out to the airliner guys to fill us in on the genealogy of this obscure offering from the 1980's. It has no cockpit and little or no detail save for the heavily engraved control surfaces. In the local modeling vernacular it would be described as 'a bar of soap'.


A little bit of scratching and the spare parts box are responsible for the various bumps, probes and antennae. Painting was done with XtraColor RLM 74 and Mil-24 Stone mixed proportionately to lighten and darken each other to simulate a low-vis maritime scheme `a la Aurora or Nimrod. Since the colors of the Republic are pink, white and green, I used the roundels from an Italian Gulf War Tornado-washed out pinkish look.

I have to confess I was put up to this spurious piece of sedition by agents-provocateurs and fifth columnists of the Newfoundland Liberation Army. They could never be mentioned in a respectable website like HyperScale; but everybody knows who they are.



Additional Images


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