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Tamiya's 1/48 scale
DeHavilland Mosquito B.IV

by Frank Dargies


DeHavilland Mosquito B. Mk. IV

Tamiya's 1/48 scale Mosquito B. Mk. IV is available online from Squadron




DZ383 was used from 1943 up to 1945 by the 540th Squadron of RAF, amongst others by the film production unit of 138 Wing 2nd TAF in Benson, Oxfordshire England.

The 540th Squadron was formed on 19 October 1942 in Leuchars, Scotland from the H&L Flights Photographic Reconnaissance Unit. It was equipped with Mosquitos and carried out photo reconnaissance missions over Norway and the Baltic.

In February 1944 it moved to Benson and was involved in the Normandy invasion. It also carried out missions into Austria and the Canary Islands .

In March 1945 the Squadron moved to France , later returned to Benson again and disbanded on 30 September 1946 .

The squadron reformed on 1 December 1947 and used Mosquitos again, later Canberras PR3 /PR7 for photo reconnaissance missions. On 31 March 1956 it moved to Wyton , England and was finally disbanded on 31 March 1956

The Motto of the 540th Squadron was: „Sine qua non“ (Indispensable)

My model of DZ383 , shows a color scheme in PRU-Blue without any markings, which was used for a time. Another detail, which I found out after I finished the model: there were two extra windows in the nose ,…too late to add this to my model.

DZ383 was flown amongst others in September 1944 by Flight Lieutenent Vic.A.Hester and Cameraman Ted Moore by the operation “Market Garden” (airborne drop to take the most important Dutch Rhine bridges in Eindhoven Nimwegen, Arnheim ) from Flying Officer Robert Kirkpatrick and Cameraman Sgt. Ray Hearne during the Shell House Raid (attack on the Gestapo Headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark).



Construction, Painting and Markings


The model is Tamiya's 1/48 scale Mosquito B Mk IV. Other details include:

Detail Sets:

  • Cutting Edge Cockpit Set

  • AIRES Engine Set

  • Eduard Photo Etched Set

  • The (Modified) engine cooler from CMK Exterior Set

  • Moving surfaces from VERLINDEN Front Gun Bay Set

  • True Details Wheel Set


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Colours from:

Humbrol, Revell, Model Master

Washing and Weathering:

Artist Oils, Pastel-Chalk

Airfield Accessories:

Parts from the ICM Ground Crew Set and Revell Ground Support Equipment.






Britische Luftwaffe, Daniel J. March Tosa Verlag ISBN 3-85492-474-7

and lots of information from the Internet.

Special thanks for kindly support to Mr. Derek Carter and Mr. Robert Kirkpatrick who flew exactly this plane himself.

More Pictures and Information may be found on my website: http://www.dargies.de



Additional Images


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Model, Images and Text Copyright © 2004 by Frank Dargies
Page Created 16 May, 2005
Last Updated 16 May, 2005

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