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Seaplane Dioramas Part One
Supermarine S6B

by Bernhard Schrock


Supermarine S6B


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I have two seaplane dioramas. The first of these is roughly ten years old.

I was inspired by an article in German magazine Aeroplane and created a scene in Carlshot in 1931. In that year, the Supermarine S6B won the Schneider Trophy. I started with an old but good kit by Testor which I modified and detailed.



To create the surface of the water, I had the idea to use kitchen tinfoil which I kneaded into wave shape and airbrushed. By choosing the appropriate colors, I managed to give an illusion of decreasing depth towards the shore and of a ramp rising up out of the water.

I used various materials like sand from a North Sea island, structured wallpaper and thin wood to construct the rest of the diorama.

I built the trolley by using different kinds of plastic, wheels from my spare parts box and spokes from Tomīs Modelworks.

The figures are from Tamiya and Italeri.


The author would like to thank ESPECIALLY Ms Christiane Brodhage to dedicate a full hour and a half of her precious free time (on a Sunday, of all days) to writing a long article about things WHICH SHE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND IN THE LEAST.



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