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1/72 scale Revell Babylon-5 starship
Presidential Starfury

by David W. Aungst


Presidential Starfury


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I bought this kit at the same time that I purchased the other Starfury ("Blue 3"). I did all the same construction to this model as I did on the other because I built the two models at the same time. Like the other Starfury, this one did not win in my model club's Starfury contest either.



Painting and Markings


All the major color patterns on the ship are masked and painted using an air brush and Model Master enamel paints. The main gray overall is Dark Ghost Gray (F.S.36320) with a few odd panels painted in Light Ghost Gray (F.S.36375).

I liked these colors better than the gray that the instructions called for.

The blue and white areas are Bright Blue (F.S.35183) and Gloss White. I thought that these colors looked about right, like the ships in the TV show. It took some elaborate masking to get the pattern laid out.


The decals from the kit were just as poor as in the other kit I built. The decals just did not react well to setting solutions. I ended up thinning down some clear lacquer and applying it so it would run under the decals and minimize the silvering. This was only a marginal improvement, though.



Babylon-5 Storyline


The model is easily recognized as one of the versions of the Presidential Escort ships. The only modifications to the markings that I made were to extend the white area down the middle of the ship to the trailing edge of the upper wing and to add numbers to the thruster pods and to the "nose".



I can't figure out how any pilot in B5 knows "his" ship from the rest without some easily seen numbers. I also added some rescue markings around the cockpit area.



Additional Images and Project Summary


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Project Statistics

Completion Date:

18 September, 1998

Total Building Time:








Decals / Markings


Extra Detailing / Conversion:


Model, Description and Images Copyright 2005 by David Aungst

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Last Updated 28 February, 2005

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