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Dragon's 1/35 scale
StuH 42 10.5cm Ausf. G

by Andrew Judson


StuH 42 10.5cm Ausf. G

Dragon's 1/35 scale Stug III Ausf. G is available online from Squadron




Every now and then when I build kits it is fun to throw in a little more work and make things more challenging. When a friend asked me to do this kit, I opened the box and POW, the gauntlet was thrown down.

Not only did I have the excellent Dragon kit, but also a Aber etch set, an Aber metal barrel, Modelkasten drive wheel set, and Modelkasten tracks. Also included was a nice set of tankers from a Russian company, Tank.



When building this kit I had to put a lot of thought into the way I would do it , making sure that everything fit in place, and not forgetting any of the etch pieces.





Basically I tackled the kit in two halves, upper/lower hull.

The lower hull went together without any problems and the Modelkasten drive wheels fitted straight in place. They give you the choice of early/late wheels and I went with the late versions.



Once together I then dabbed on some white glue around the lower part of the drive line and sprinkled on some very fine grit to simulate the build up of grime. I then painted everything, applied washes, and weathered it all.

Next I did the tracks which are easy, but time consuming.



I painted them, weathered them and for a final touch, rubbed graphite powder over them to give a subtle metallic finish.

Now the last phase, the top half. This was fun to do as this was where the majority of the etch lay, and I will admit, at times I was quite frustrated with it all , but with the help of my Etch Mate and patience I got through it.



Painting and Figures


Now came the part where I got to cover up all the extra work, painting. I chose a late war Tri scheme, Lightly weathered, and added some subtle scratching over all. I was happy with the end results.

The figures were the last thing to do and these went together without any hitches, they were painted in winter reversible overalls.

When painting everything was done using an Aztek A470 airbrush, and Tamiya Acrylic paints. The figures were painted with Vallejo Acrylics and Mig Productions for all the dust and dirty effects.



I had a lot of fun building this kit and I hope that you enjoy looking at it.



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Model and Text Copyright 2005 by Andrew Judson
Images Copyright 2005 by Brett Green
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Last Updated 01 March, 2005

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