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Romeo Models' 54mm metal
Teutonic Grand Master
XIV Century

by Glen Phillips


Teutonic Grand Master
XIV Century


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Romeo Models' 54mm Teutonic Grand Master is a crisply detailed, smoothly cast, and well fitting metal figure.

The kit consists of six parts: the base, body, sword, shield, right hand, and spear.

The left hand and banner are integrally molded to the spear shaft. The kit also includes a thorough painting guide (Italian/English) as well as notes on the heraldry.

Clean-up was minimal, as was the amount of test fitting.

The body was pinned and epoxied onto the base, then primed using a light grey lacquer. The remaining parts were primed and painted separately.

The surcoat was painted Andrea Pearl Grey, which is basically a very pale grey or dark white. Lightened and darkened Pearl Grey was used for the highlights and shadows, while pure white was used for the final highlights. The chain mail and coif were painted Gun Metal and washed with Flat Black.

The box illustration shows the figure bearing the Teutonic Knights' coat of arms (the black and yellow cross) and the house insignia of a Grand Master. I opted to simplify things a bit by just using the standard coat of arms used by the rank-and-file knights of the post 1239 timeframe.

The details are illustrated on the box and described in the kit's instructions.


Subject RL05435 Teutonic Grand Master, XIV Century
Manufacturer Romeo Models
Scale 54mm
Medium Metal
Accessories None, but the figure will readily fit on a number of the smaller Andrea Miniatures round and square bases.
Paint Andrea Acrylics


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Last Updated 20 October, 2005

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