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Italeri 1/32 scale
Teutonic Knight

by Andrew Judson


images by Brett Green

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This is a Mounted Teutonic Knight from Italeri's 1/32 scale boxed set No 6863. This is ancluded in Italeri's inexpensive set of soft vinyl figures

I received and reviewed this set of figures some time ago, and recently became very interested in this subject.

My first attempt at a Teutonic Knight was a Pegaso figure, not cheap, but very high quality, and is in the gallery section of this site.





Now comes this mounted example, which when I first started, realised that to make it into what you see here, was going to need a lot of extra work and modifying.



The base figure was good, but I wanted to make it better, so with the help of Mike Goods book, Black and white and some Green sculpting putty, the work started.

Modifications were:

  • Horns added to the helmet, made from Aresania timber, as the real things were made from wood.

  • A new lance was made using plastic rod and the original spear tip from the kit, as the whole original was too short.

  • The knights cape was cut off as it looked too stiff and a new one was sculpted with green putty from Games Workshop, and lastly,

  • The cape draped over the horse was modified at the front, so as to give it an appearance of forward motion, by draping it outwards.


Painting and Base Work


For painting, I used Tamiya and Valejio Acrylic paints. Some dry brushing was done using Testor's Model Master paints.

The next challenge was to make a nice base. For this I wanted to have the Knight's mount  in full stride through the snow, so I decided on a sloped base with sparse foliage, dead grass, mud and of coarse the snow.

The initial base is Das clay covered in Micro Balloons, and then some white Balsa fill for the powder effect.



Static grass was then glued on top of this and then another layer of Balsa fill over this to give the appearance of fresh fall.

This was then allowed to dry and then using various muddy washes I then applied these to give a churned up look of the ground.

The figure was then pinned down onto the base on a slight lean to the side to give it a look of movement and then the foliage was put in place, followed by the last finishing touch, more of that Balsa fill, onto the horse around it hoofs and on the branches of the Foliage.





Now that it is finished, I think it looks quite dramatic and am very happy with the end result, and must say especially happy seeing this is my first real conversion of a figure and sculpting. Enjoy.

Thanks to Italeri for the sample product.



Additional Images


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Model and Text Copyright 2005 by Andrew Judson
Images Copyright 2005 by Brett Green
Page Created 11 October, 2005
Last Updated 10 October, 2005

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