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Mig Productions' 1/35 scale Technical
"Trouble Takes a Break"

by Andrew Judson


Trouble Takes a Break

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When I first saw Mig Productions' Technical with 50 cal I was very keen to build it and put it into an African scenario, and pretty much had the image in my head of what you see here. This Mig Productions kit is a full resin item.

Everything went together very well without any hassles at all. The quality of the casting is excellent and the instructions very clear and well laid out. The only area that needs extra care was the removal of the holding blocks, which at times were on the large side.

Painting was done with an Aztek A470 Airbrush and Tamiya acrylics.weathering was with a mixture of Vallejio Acrylics and Mig Pigments.





Now to the figures.

The main figure is from Warriors, previously reviewed, and the other two figures from ICM Soviet Afghanistan special forces, also recently reviewed, but slightly modified and sporting Hornet heads.



I decided to paint them in different uniforms to show that they are a group of Rebels and not an actual official military unit. Painting these was done with a mixture of Tamiya acrylics and Testor's Model Master paints.



The Base


The base was a piece of craft wood and DAS modelling clay, covered with a light static grass and then the rocky crop glued on.



The tree is a hand made piece, using wire, foam, lychen and crushed herbs and spices. The smaller trees are from a railway hobby store. Once everything was glued in place I then randomly sprayed some different dusty tones over everything and a sprinkle of Mig Pigments over the ground .





I tried to put things in their place so that, from whatever angle you looked at this small dio that it would look interesting.

I am really happy with the end results and have already ordered another variant of the technical, only this time maybe in the service of an Eastern Bloc country.



Additional Images


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Model and Text Copyright 2005 by Andrew Judson
Images Copyright 2005 by Brett Green
Page Created 13 May, 2005
Last Updated 12 May, 2005

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