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Fisher Models' 1/200 scale
USS Sturgeon

by Ron Dobrzelecki


USS Sturgeon


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Here is a recent project. It is a Fisher Models (yes he does subs) 1/200 USS Sturgeon.

The decals are DM models that I got from Floating Drydock. Tom the owner has some equine items plus ship plans and photos.





The model is a simple but interesting build. There are seven parts - conning tower, forward dive plans, rear vertical fins the hull and a prop. The castings are clean an well made.

Construction is straightforward with no problems. However, you do need to be careful with alignment .

I purchased a couple of brass pedestals for the base. I had a base already for this kit. Carefully space out and mark the positions for the pedestals then drill them out. Make sure to counter sink the holes so that the wood screws are flush with the bottom of the base. I also added some felt pads to the bottom so it is easier to move and not scratch any shelf that I put it on.



Painting, Markings and Base


I used Tamiya's gray primer in a spray can for the base coat. It went on beautifully. It provides a nice surface to paint on and sands out well.



I used the new Model Master hull red ( I like the shade) then glossed it (for me the tape sticks better and also I have found that when I mask on Acrylic paint there is less chance to pull up paint ).

I had a base already, so I next mounted the brass pedestals and drilled holes for them. Note you should counter sink the holes so the screws do not show.

I went to the hardware store and purchased some self sticky fell pads for the bottom of the base .It makes it easier to pick up an does nor scratch anything.

After painting the lower hull I then masked off the hull for the 50/50 color scheme. I let the black dry overnight then masked for the dark gray nose and walkway. I then gloss coated the model in preparation for decals.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Next, I painted the gray sonar dome and anti skid, then glossed it for decals. I also finished the base with clear shellac. Then I used steel wool to bring down the shine. I call it my "church pew" finish. See I always new going to church would help me, oh yea let me move away from that window!

The next step is making the vent hole covers (they are natural metal in color).I used a punch set to do them

After decaling and final finish clear coat I mounted the sub to the base that I finished, added miniatures dolphins (which also can be purchased from Floating Drydock in the USA) and a name plate.





In summary, this was a very nice build with no pitfalls or other problems.

I can say that Fisher Models are to be commended for their efforts with the kits they bring out.\


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Model, Text and Images Copyright 2005 by Ron Dobrzelecki
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