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Warriors' 54mm resin
Viking Raider
9th-11th Century

by Glen Phillips


Viking Raider 9th-11th Century


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Subject 54012 Viking Raider 9th-11th Century
Manufacturer Warriors
Scale 54mm
Medium Resin
Accessories None
Paint Andrea Acrylics


Warrior's 54mm Viking Raider is molded in yellow resin and consists of four parts: the base, cross, seated figure, and the figure's lower left leg. There were no bubbles or casting flaws in the figure. No painting instructions are included; the modeler is left with a somewhat pixellated, out-of-focus photo of the figure painted by Joe Porter pasted on the box. In a nutshell, the photo does not do justice to the talents of Mr. Porter.


Owing to the one-piece casting and folded-up nature of the pose, cleanup was bit involved. While the major pour plugs are easily removed, the area under and behind the axe handle, for instance, took longer. Once cleaned up, the parts were all test fitted. You can set the figure on the base and add the lower leg, but leave the cross off until after painting; otherwise, it just gets in the way.

The figure was primed - by brush - with Floquil's Gray Primer then painted with Andrea's Acrylic paints. I made him a bit more colorful to provide some contrast to the stark gray stone base and cross. The bag o' loot was painted with a variety of metallics, then given a light coat of semi-gloss to make the coins sparkle. I noticed during painting that the delineation between some of the details was a bit tenuous; there are areas where you are not certain where some articles of clothing begin and others end. Dark washes can help here, since you can hide some of these areas in deep shadow. Or, do some carving and resculpting during the cleanup process. Your call.


For the most part, this is actually a nice figure and I think the relaxed pose and leg draped over the base adds a bit of whimsy. While all of the other figures in the display case are standing gazing heroically into the sunset, this one seems to chilling out.

We could all probably use some of that...

Model and Images Copyright 2005 by Glen Phillips
Page Created 15 December, 2005
Last Updated 14 December, 2005

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