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Airfix 1/72 scale
Vosper Torpedo Boat

by Andrew Judson



images by Brett Green

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Some time ago a friend asked me to build this kit for him and it sat in a pile for some time. Recently, I sudden got the urge to build something different other than a tank or figure, so out it came.





On first inspection, I thought I was going to be up for a lot of work, with cleaning all the flash and getting correct alignment, however it wasn't too bad at all.



I put the kit together in sub assemblies for ease of painting and as construction went on, I constantly checked for correct fit.



Painting and Markings


Once everything was assembled, I got out my trusty Aztek A470 and some Tamiya Acrylic paints, and got to painting.

I started with the boats hull which received a coat of XF-19 Sky Grey followed by some masking and then XF-54 Dark Sea Grey up the sides.

The top of the hull was painted in XF-66 Light Grey which has a real strong glue tint to it. Once dry the top received a light dry brush of Testor's Camouflage Grey, to bring out some of the detail.

The rest of the upper details like the forward gun platform and Commanders superstructure were all painted in XF-19.

I then put every thing together and began to randomly give a slightly weather beaten look using XF-63 German Grey.



Some areas also received a spot wash of Burnt Sienna oils heavily diluted, like around the port holes et cetera.

Next was the fun part of putting all the rigging on, using a dark tinted mending thread, from the local sewing supply store. I think it looks better than cotton or string and is also stronger.

Last but not least were the decals, all five of them, being the boat's number and and its name on the stand.





At the time of building this kit, I heard that Airfix were in some serious financial troubles and may be no more, which is a shame as most modellers would have at some stage of their life put one of these kits together. That will be a big part of the hobby history gone if they are destined to be no more.



For me, it has made building this kit a little more special. I hope that you enjoy it.



AdditionaI Images


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Model and Text Copyright 2006 by Andrew Judson
Images Copyright 2006 by Brett Green
Page Created 14 September, 2006
Last Updated 21 February, 2007

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