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Andrea Miniatures' 54mm metal
Wounded Knight, Agincourt, 1415

by Glen Phillips


Wounded Knight


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Andrea's 54mm Wounded Knight is a well detailed and cleanly cast metal figure.

The parts include a base, torso and legs, two arms, scabbard, knife, and two heads - one with and one without a helmet. A separate helmet and visor are also included. The pose falls between casual inaction and an outright melee as if the wounded and exhausted knight was waiting for the next round. It took less than 45 minutes to clean-up the parts.

The overall fit was great.

The figure's torso and head was epoxied to the base for priming and painting, but all other parts - including the arms - were left off.

Since this is a metal figure, I simply buffed the plate armor and helmet to bring out a dull shine. Black/Brown washes were used to accentuate the armor's detail. Everything else, including the chain mail, was painted.

The remaining parts were attached after painting. I used Andrea Dark Red and Dark Leather to replicate fresh and dried or drying blood. I was a bit more restrained than what was depicted on box art; just enough to convey the situation without being gory.

Humbrol Satin Cote was used to put a sheen the blood and mud.

The second head was painted as a stand alone bust. It makes a nice companion piece to the complete figure.


Subject AESMF46 Wounded Knight, Agincourt, 1415
Manufacturer Andrea Miniatures
Scale 54mm
Medium Metal
Accessories None, but the figure will readily fit on a number of the smaller Andrea Miniatures round and square bases.
Paint Andrea Acrylics


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Model and Images Copyright 2005 by Glen Phillips
Page Created 16 November, 2005
Last Updated 16 November, 2005

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