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Fiat G.50

Jean Barby


Fiat G.50


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Here is the 1/48 scale Hasegawa kit of the Fiat G.50, as previously offered by Secter.

This kit has a couple of inaccuracies, mainly around the engine cover, and the wheel wells are not deep enough. Nearly all the underwings panels are missing too.



Well, Italian Classic, my favourite after-market craftsmen, has produced some really neat conversion sets for the G-50, starting from the first version used in Spain to the final, Bis AS, passing through the bi-posto of the flying schools.

All you need is a lot of patience and care to cut the parts from the trees, and use the parts as replacements for the kit's ones.





The wing is also from the Mr Kit range of accessories and is a one piece set with correct depth for the wheels and all panels engraved. To put the wing in place will require some surgery but nothing really difficult.

When everything is set, you have a more than decent Fiat G-50, not a monster of a plane, but a very important aircraft for the Reggia Aeronautica.



Painting, Markings and Weathering


This is plane MM 6393 flown by Capitano Tullio de Prato, commanding officer of 150a squadriglia, 2°Gruppo Autonomo CT at Derna- El Fhetja in March 1941.

The 150a sq. arrived in Lybia with the continental camouflage of Giallo Mimetico 3, Verde Mimetico 2, marrone Mimetico 2, grigio Mimetico underside.



In Tripoli, maintenance crews oversprayed the planes with a haze of Giallo Mimetico thus giving the camouflage a distinct look, very similar to the Luftwaffe winter camouflage.

All paints are from the MrKit range, decals are from Aeromaster. A photo of the plane can be seen in the Ali d'Italia book on the G-50, another one is in the old Immagini book from Intergest, long out of print, but reprinted recently , and available again from Mr Kit.

The scorched rear part of the cowling is Sepia China ink sprayed with the Aztec 470, the heavy oil links are the same ink this time using a brush.





I just love those esoteric birds and dedicate this one to my "elder brother" from across the Atlantic, David Veres. Cheers old man and all the best!



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