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Sturmtruppen 1917

by Andrew Judson


German Sturmtruppen 1917


Nemrod's 75mm scale Sturmtruppen 1917
is available online from Squadron.com




Well I have finally finished, and all I can say is "what a fantastic figure kit"!

Like the French Infantryman that I built earlier this year, the Storm Trooper went together without any problems at all.

The kit comprises nine resin parts, grey in colour. I began by cleaning the parts. This was a fast task, as flash and seams were minimal. I then secured the arms to the body, ensuring that the hands  (which are moulded onto the rifle) were aligned properly.

The head, helmet and loose items were left off until after painting.

The entire figure was painted using Vallejo Acrylics.

The base was made from a piece of high-density foam carved into shape, covered with wood glue to seal it and crushed white porous brick was then sprinkled over the combination and allowed to dry.

The trench section was assembled using Artesania timber cut into small sections and placed individually.

Once everything was dry, I sprayed overall with Tamiya Flat Earth and began weathering. Mig Productions Pigments were used for this task. Finally, some debris and barbed wire were put in place and the base was complete.

My objective for the base was to create an impression from both sides of the front, whether viewing the scene from inside the trench, or from the other side, ready to receive a small hand held gift!

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Squadron for the review sample.


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Text and Model Copyright 2003 by Andrew Judson
Images Copyright 2003 by Brett Green
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