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Focke-Wulf Ta 152H-0

by Francisco Carlos Soldán Alfaro


Focke-Wulf Ta 152H-0


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Ta 152 H-0 “13 Black” . piloted by Willi Reschke, Stab /JG 301, Stendal, Germany, 14 of April of 1945.

Willi Reschke belonged to the last generation of aces of the Luftwaffe. His career started as a fighter pilot with 1./JG 302 in June of 1944, near Vienna. He gained his baptism of fire during the great air battle over Hungary on 2 July 1944, when the US 15th Air Force sent 712 heavy bombers and 300 escort fighters against Budapest.



During the prolonged fight, Bf 109s, Bf 110s and I 410s Hungarian Germans and destroyed 57 American aircraft: 8 demolitions conducted by Me 410 of I./ZG 76, twelve by the Hungarian group denominated Puma and 16 by I/JG 302.

Unteroffizier Willi Reschke obtained his two first victories by downing two B-24 Liberators. This started a successful run of aerial victories while he was with I/JG 302.

In the spring of 1945, Reschke was transferred to the Stab/301, which was equipped with new Ta 152. Flying this machine, Reschke shot down a Tempest piloted by Warrant Officer O.J. Mitchell, of 486 Squadron on 14 April 1945. On 20 April, Reschke was awarded with the Cross of Horseman for his 25 victories. Four days later, five Ta 152s were surrounded in a dogfight with a formation of Yak-9s. Reshcke destroyed two of them, being his two last victories, and losing the group a Ta 152.



Willi Reschke survived the war with a total of 27 victories in approximately one hundred battle, and still lives today.

The Focke-Wulf Ta 152

Spurred by the search for a high-altitude fighter to counter the threat of Allied bombers, the Luftwaffe, and Focke Wulf, decided to modify the excellent design of the Fw 190D-9 and to install the fabulous Jumo 21E liquid cooled motor with a three speed, two stage supercharger.

Although externally similar to Fw 190D, the wings, the unit of tail and a cabin pressurized for the high-altitude flights were modified widely. With these benefits, the Ta152 obtained a top speed of 765 km/h at 12,500 meters. This was considered to be almost the fastest speed possible with a piston engined aircraft (800 km/h).



Its armament consisted of two 20mm MG 151 cannon in the wings and a single MK 108 of 30 mm through the spinner. It is reported that Kurk Tank, the designer of the Ta 152, while proving one of the prototypes in flight, was engaged in desperate and successful escape when two Mustang discoverd it and took pursuit.


It wanted to dedicate this scale model to the memory of my father, deceased months back. I hope that, wherever he is, he feels proud and it admires it. Papa, for you this is dedicated.



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