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1/48 scale Hasegawa
CF-104 Starfighter

by Roger Fabrocini

CF-104 Starfighter


Hasegawa's 1/48 scale F-104G Starfighter is available online from Squadron.com




This is Hasegawa's 1/48 scale Lockheed F-104G Starfighter, kit #PT20, built as a CF104, #104770, of the 4th Wing CAF, Germany, 1983.

Anxiety, ego, pride and fear all inspired this build.

My nephew Karl's wish to attend the US Nationals in Phoenix sent my heart rate higher then when I go for a run. Having the "veil" that is digital photography lifted, exposing all the build's flaws to my peers' prying eyes, made my hands shake more then a full French press of Peet's Coffee drunk at 2 am on a empty stomach.





"The search for perfection is all very well, but to look for heaven is to live here in hell". (Sting)

The build was conceived in January, procrastinated through June and frantically finished a week before the Nationals. The extended length of the build can be contributed to continuous anxiety attacks over my general ineptitude.



The following modifications were made to the basic kit:

  • Black Box CF-104 cockpit set

  • Eduard's photo-etched detail set for the F-104G

  • Cutting Edge canopy demister set

  • Wheel wells detailed with bits of solder wire



  • Hypodermic needle pitot tube



Painting and Markings


The 'Coup de Grace' was delivered courtesy of my poor planning. Going into this, my only prerequisite was a camouflaged CF104. References were numerous, but vague on marking placement. Vagueness led to indecision which bred panic.

"Who ya gonna Call?" HyperScale!

Canadian Brad in BC (and now Calgary, I see) to the rescue. Through a miraculous job of networking he procured me a out of print decal sheet from Dave Koss at Leading Edge Models. After inconveniencing half of Canada I procured said decals four days before the Nationals.

I eventually used markings from the Belcher Bits CF-104 sheet that i had since March. My bad.



Gunze Sangyo lacquers were used exclusively, applied with Harder-Steinbeck and Iwata airbrushes. Most colours were custom mixed.

The flat finish is Humbrol Mattcote.





The first model I've ever built that I can actually document the flaws. (My efforts to become the best modeler on the planet have suffered a serious setback).


The frustration of attempting a 'flawless' build was tempered by the privilege of meeting many 'HyperScalers' at Phoenix and gaining new friends in Canada. Thank you all again.



In particular, heartfelt thanks to Brad in BC for his help and encouragement, Dave Koss at Leading Edge Models for the sheet and his trust (I still owe you for the decals Dave) and all the other Canadian HyperScalers for their help. As always, thank you Brett.



Additional Images


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Model, Images and Text Copyright 2004 by Roger Fabrocini
Page Created 06 October, 2004
Last Updated 15 December, 2004

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